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All Comments

I'm gay, in the closet and i think that some one may have found out about me. I need advice .?
I gave this girl my phone for fixing and i had some gay pix on it. I think that she may have found them.When i go back to school on Monday i don't know what to expect. What if she's already told everyone. And to top it all of my friends and family are homphobes. please help, I'm in desperate need of advice!
When she gives you back the phone just tell her up front, did you go through my phone. Whether she denies it or not, just let her know that you would appreciate to keep whatever she saw to herself.
Can someone tell me anything about Splash(New York gay bar)? any links with pix?
what kinda guys dance there? are they totally hot? is all that stuff they say about this bar overhyped?
Splash is all the rage. The guys are totally hot and the drinks are cold. Order an appletini and get your butt out on the dance floor to score some of those hot guys.
Gay community: i attract girls but not many guys...why (pix)?
I'm a nice guy and I'm cool with everyone but I notice a lot of girls flirt with me but not many gay guys approach me.... and I don't know why?... do I look unattractive...

Here's me...
You are very handsome. I must admit that i feel intimidated by good looking guys. Must be my low self confidence. Also you cant build a relationship on just physical attraction.
I'm not gay but I like to look at pix of fat, naked guys who are sweaty?
Is that ok?
I guess it is ok -- Whatever floats you boat, man.
You might be able to find a few thousand of free galleries on the net, featuring large chubby gay men and their admirers.
I'm fairly certain my best friend's bf is gay. How should I tell her?
I'm gay and her bf knows that and has been sending me some dick pix. He's been flirting with me the past couple days. Should I tell my friend that her bf is gay? If so, how should I tell her?
if she is your best friend, I think you owe it to her to let her know. If she finds out on her own and realizes that you didn't tell her, she may not be too pleased with you. However, you need to figure out a non-offensive way to tell her. Your in quite the pickle there really, but I think her bf is going to end up with the sh*t end of the stick, as he should from the sounds of it.
What do I do if my family thinks I would be a bad parent cuz im gay?
well my mom called by brother and were talking about guys and how my brother should take care of is baby and things like that, well I dont know how I got in the pix but they were talking about my parenting skills, I dont have any guys yet but have taken care of some guys and now I find my self taking care of my brothers guy while I study and I do so well and wonder y? my mom would talk bad about me? I dont know really much about her or each other that well, I took off when I came out 10 years and shes judges me from back in the days but I was a bad guy, I didnt have it easy being gay and finding my self I have grown so much and have changed in so many ways and I feel like I dont have to prove my self at all. should I tell here to get off my *** or try to understand where shes coming from?
She may never understand, but it's your life. If you feel in your heart that you'll be a good parent, then you will. Straight people are crappy parents all the time! Your mom is being one right now!
Gay guys: would you find me attractive or not (pix)?
I'm. 24.... 5'6 170lbs and I've lost a lot of weight.. I have some loose skin I'm working on getting rid of. Would you find me attractive or someone who needs to lose a lot of weight and if so how much thanks
I think you are attractive right now -- I wouldn't kick you out of bed, lol.

You're cute!

But I also think you'd look even better losing a bit more. Another 20 pounds and work to build muscle would make you even hotter.

We all have different tastes, though. I prefer the slender look, myself.
Gay guys: how can i achieve a body like this (pix)?
im 5'6 170lbs and im hoping to get down to 145... the model in the picture is my same height but he weighs 148 lbs... what kind of exercises can i do to get a body like his.. thanks
Eww, those pics are gross. I'm sure you look fine.
Where can I find pictures of male gay/bi/straight bodybuilders?
I'm looking specifically for "clean" still Pix "Portraits" (NO movie clips or downloadable movies) of recent, "REAL", competition ready shape muscular men in "ALL" catigories anywhere, Any site that I can copy their pix. The bigger the better, all serious repiles will be accepted. Thanks
Lots of sites in the internet have pics of "real" bodybuilders.

Drop me a message if you want some tips on sites.

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